Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pocket Chair Seat Covers

Do any of you use seat covers with pockets in them on your student's chairs? I bought some from Really Good Stuff 5 years ago, and need to replace them for next year. I was happy with them overall, except that they got stretched out and folders/papers would fall out all the time.  I have seen some that look like they have elastic in them which might make them less stretchy.  Just curious and would love your feedback!


  1. I use the book bags from Really Good Stuff. I put the removable hooks on the side of their desks. You can get hooks at Staples or where ever. You can get them to hold different weights. Then the bags hang from the side of the desk. I use mine as book bags for Daily 5. I will be getting new ones next year that have the see through side. They have worked great. I'm selling my old ones (that still look great) to a new teacher. If you want hop on over to my site and look at the pictures I have posted!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  2. My students used "seat sacks" that were a denim based fabric. We have tables instead of desks so the students used the "seat sacks" to hold everything that they used from day to day. I would definitely recommend looking into some type of fabric as "industrial" and thick as denim!